There IS a CHOICE! International Documentary Community supports #euromaidan

10 December 2013

Representatives of international documentary community send their support to Ukrainian protesters...



Rojs Dauburs, Latvijas Valsts Radio un Televīzijas Centrs (Latvia):

I was 15 during our Singing Revolution. Nobody asked me to go anywhere, would say that the opposite is true. However, I was there on the barricades from the first day to the last. So be strong, calm and peaceful! LOVE


Veronika Lišková, film-director, Institut dokumentárního filmu/ Institute of Documentary Film (Czech Republic):

I am with you in my mind, keeping fingers crossed for the future development in Ukraine.


Uldis Cekulis, producer (Latvia):

Tolko chto bil na ocherednom mitinge solidarnosti s vami, tut vsjo vremja Ukraina v glavnom meste, kazdii den mnogo Gruzinskoi progressivnoi molodezi letit i edit v Kiev na podderzku! Ogromneishii vam privet, salut i hug!


I just got back from another rally for solidarity with you. Ukraine is always in the main place here, every day a lot of Georgian progressive youth flights and rides to Kyiv to support you! I send you huge greeting, salut, and hug!


Salome Jashi, film director (Georgia):

Udachi vam vsem, evropeisskoi Ukraine. V Gruzii za vas ochen boleut! 


Good luck to you all and to European Ukraine. Georgia roots for you!


Eric Esser, director (Germany):

Solidarity with you and your people with the actual situation in your country.


Jurga Gluskiniene, producer (Lithuania):

I was fourteenth years old when the Soviets decided that the Lithuanians are trying to make a revolution in a country. We were near to strategically important objects: televizijos tower, radio stations with my dad. They were shooting, with tanks crushed innocent people ... We were called provocateurs, but we were fighting for the freedom, for our world what we want to be! And nobody has been able to take away from me the freedom of independence of young people emerging. So now, you have my support of 100 percent, and I believe that young hearts can influence something. The filmmakers can tell a lot in their language! We are with you. Be strong!!!!


Petr Lom, director (Canada):

I keep reading about the riots in Kiev now, so just wanted to send you a note saying hello, and to express my solidarity with you!  I hope you find a way to peace soon, and that you don't need to leave your dreams of europe behind...

Aliona van der Horst, director (the Netherlands):

Вам всем приветы от меня и вчера по новостям в Голландии первым сюжетом показали что у вас твориться на майдане! наконец то ленин упал, поздравляем вас всех!


I send my greetings to you. Yesterday’s newscast in Holland started with a story about what’s happening at your Maidan! Finally, Lenin has fallen, congratulations!

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