March 23, Saturday: what is worth watching

22 March 2013

Except for the competition screenings, the detailed information of which you can find on our web-site, Docudays UA offers numerous out-of-competition events. We remind you that the festival takes place in two locations: Cinema House and ‘Kinopanorama’ cinema. Entrance is free of charge.


Briefly about the most interesting.


SPRECIAL EVENT. Anton’s Right Here. Director: Lyubov Arkus

Jean-Luc Godard, Boris Khlebnikov, and now Lyubov Arkus. Film critics in the past, they have turned the film world upside down as directors. Lybov Arkus breaks the main principle of ‘quality’ documentaries: the author should not be participant of the story. As a result, Arkus’ debut has won dozens of film festivals. Silver Mouse Award from internet critics at the 2012 Venice IFF. We remind you that Lyubov Arkus is a member of DOCU/LIFE competition jury this year.

Cinema House, Blue Hall, 2 pm.


AUDRIUS STONYS RETROSPECTIVE: Earth of the Blind, Alone, Uku Ukai

The boundaries between visible and invisible, audible and inaudible are blurred in the films of this European Academy Award-winning Lithuanian director. Stop, listen and evaluate human existence in an alienated world. After the screening the Q&A session will take place. Audrius Stonys is a member of DOCU/LIFE competition jury this year.

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Cinema House, Red Hall. 8:30 pm.


THERE IS A CHOICE: A Whisper to a Roar. Director: Ben Moses

Egypt, Malaysia, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Ukraine – different countries, different revolutions, yet the goals are the same: justice and freedom.

Cinema House, Red Hall, 5:30 pm.


SPECIAL EVENT: Ukrainian premiere of the youth documentary almanac BEYOND THE EUROS

The documentary almanac was inspired by the Euro 2012 championship. But these young directors go ‘behind the curtain’ of the main event. They film what will still be here after the guests leave. Artistic Supervision: Jacek Bławut, Serhiy Bukovsky, Dorota Roszkowska, and Oleksandr Вalahura. Q&A session with the directors after the screening.

Cinema House, Red Hall, 9:30 pm; part two: March 24, Cinema House, 12:30 pm.


The Best of Docudays UA. The English Surgeon. Director: Geoffrey Smith.

The main character is a neurosurgeon, Henry Marsh. Not only is he unafraid to take hard decisions regarding his seriously ill patients, but he also operates in Ukraine, where only a trace of the healthcare system remains, where the only thing longer than the equipment’s operating life is the suffering of patients, who have been waiting for years to get just a sniff of healthcare, if any. Operations that are performed by the hundreds every day in the West are just a dream in our country, which comes true thanks to the ardor, talent and professional devotion of one person.

Q&A with the film's subjects and Ukrainian film crew.

‘Kinopanorama’. The Big Hall. 7 pm.


DOCU/ART. Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry. Director: Alison Klayman

A complex intersection of artistic practice and social activism as seen through the life and art of one of the most preeminent contemporary artists, who has been called the Chinese Andy Warhol. Ukrainian premiere.

‘Kinopanorama’. The Big Hall. 9 pm.


DOCU/CLASS workshops

Roman Bondarchuk. A Ukrainian director of fiction documentary films, he is a permanent member of the Docudays UA Festival Selection Committee, and has won awards at many international film festivals. 

“For courage and poetry” award was given to Roman Bondarchuk at the 4th festival Kinoteatr.doc in Moscow. “This award I received for film Taxi Driver. It is an experimental film on the verge of documentary and fiction which inspired me to shoot documentary. Our team wrote a script based on the stories of people from Ukrainian city Kherson. Then we asked the authors of those stories, ordinary people, our friends from Kherson, to play themselves in our film. During his workshop Roman will tell how to be courageous while shooting poets and poetry. He will open our DOCU/CLASS program on Saturday.

‘Kinopanorama’. The Small Hall, 12 pm.


Marianna Kaat. An internationally recognized producer and director, one of Estonia’s most successful documentary filmmakers. Founder of the independent production company Baltic Film Production.


Looking at recent work achievements of Marianna Kaat, specifically her documentary feature Pit No 8 which was excluded from the competition program DOCU/RIGHT of our festival last year, we are certain: there are no  somebody else’s life and problems for a documentary filmmaker. How destiny of 15-year old Ukrainian boy became an important part of director’s life and how to find finance support for making your own documentary – these are the subjects of Marianna Kaat’s workshop.

Interview with Marianna Kaat.

‘Kinopanorama; The Small Hall, 2 pm.

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