Docudays UA knows – 'There is a Choice!'

13 March 2013

The persecution of former revolutionary allies. Rebels who became tyrants themselves. The rusty poison of disbelief, which turns hope into apathy, strength into impotence, inspiration into shame. Why does this always go hand in hand with the best moments of human history? What vaccination was given to those countries that managed not to lose their chance?


The films in the program There is a Choice! are looking for answers to these questions in the countries where they have been raised. It is quite symbolic that this program will be shown in the capital of the country which is stuck between the Orange Revolution and the so-called ‘improvement’ of the Viktor Yanukovych regime. Watch and think, together with the Belarusian filmmakers Andrey Kutsila and Viachaslau Rakitski and their film Enough! To Freedom…; a researcher of revolutions in Egypt, Venezuela, Malaysia, Zimbabwe and Ukraine, the director of the film A Whisper to a Roar, the American, Ben Moses; and the authors of the online project The Term: Selected Episodes, the Russian filmmakers Pavel Kostomarov, Aleksandr Rastorguev and Aleksey Pivovarov.


The moderator of  the program - Iegor Soboliev, activist and director of Svidomo, the Bureau of Journalistic Investigations

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