Andriy Matrosov’s photo exhibition, The Noughties

18 March 2013

Andriy could clearly perceive irony and surrealism in normal everyday situations. A red horse bathing in the Black Sea, and wild-camping vacationers bathing in a puddle with ‘therapeutic’ mud; metal waste collectors – big and small; a village in the steppe, the name of which cannot be made out on the worn-out signpost – all of these are small details that present Southern Ukraine at the beginning of the new century. Andriy took pictures of a very interesting transition from the old Soviet ways to the new ones. Together with all the people of Kherson in his photos, he was awaiting the new times with optimism. This is probably the most attractive characteristic of all Southern people. You look at the picture, and you see a boundlessly kind person with a photo-camera. 

He was caring, kind and optimistic in everything he did. During the last years of his life, Andriy was the producer of the Docudays UA festival. And it was thanks to his efforts that the festival grew stronger and became noteworthy on the international map of documentary events. Andriy was and still is an example for all of us. For the tenth anniversary of the Docudays UA festival, we’ve prepared an exhibition of selected digital photos by Andriy Matrosov.


We invite you to the opening of the photo exhibition on March 23, at 5 pm, in the hall on the third floor of the Cinema House.


Dar’ya Averchenko


Photo: The Noughties exhibition piece

March 2020