Producers Meet Producers

B2B Doc - Baltic to Black Sea Documentary Network is arranging a B2B Doc Producers Meet Producers at Docudays UA IDFF.


Submission is closed now. This is the industry event, made in co-operation with International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA. The documentary producers from the post-Soviet countries are invited to apply. The selected producers will have the possibility to present their film projects to the established documentary producers from the Nordic/Baltic region and the rest of Europe, who are interested in the documentary stories from the post-Soviet countries and Eastern Europe to establish international co-productions.


1. Andryi Suleyman (dir Alina Gorlova, prod Maxim Nakonechnyi) – Ukraine;

2. Salt from Boneville (dir Simon Mozgovyi, prod Taras Bosak) – Ukraine;

3. Intrelude (dir Stanislav Gurenko, prod Yana Altukhova) – Ukraine;

4. The Earth Is Blue Like An Orange (dir Iryna Tsilyk, prod Anna Kapustina) – Ukraine;

5. Company of Steel (dir Yulia Gontaruk, prod Igor Savychenko) – Ukraine;

6. Alpha Beta Gamma (dir/prod Dragosh Turea) - Moldova;

7. Armenian Dreamers (dir/prod Vahagn Khachatryan, Aren Malakyan) – Armenia;

8. Inhabitants (dir Mery Agakhanyan, prod Liana Smbatyan) – Armenia;

9. On Her Shoulders (dir/prod Arthur Sukiasyan) – Armenia;

10. Deminers (dir/prod Khnkanosian Silva) – Armenia;

11. Mein Deutschland (dir/prod Alexander Svishchenkov) – Belarus;

12. 72 hours (dir Anna Savchenko, Katerina Barushka, prod Volia Chajkouskaya) – Belarus;

13. Stalin Today (dir/prod Ketevan Nozadze) – Georgia;

14. Last Show (dir/prod George Varsimashvili) – Georgia.


The event will consist of two parts: Open projects’ presentations: 6 minutes pitch including the trailer + 6 minutes Q&A per project; One-to-one meetings for the detailed discussions with the producers who became interested in your project.


B2B Doc will cover the travel and accommodation expenses for the selected projects.


B2B Doc will as well run a short training for the selected projects one day prior the event.


The Producers Meet Producers at Docudays UA IDFF will take place on March 25.

March 2020