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Submission for 16th International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA wiil be open soon.

The decision of the Selection Committee regarding the participation of the film in the program of the Festival will be sent to the person submitting the application no later than February 28, 2019.


15th International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA

March 23-30, 2018, Kyiv, Ukraine


Travelling Festival Docudays UA

October - December, 2018, Ukrainian regions


Submission is open till November 30, 2017


Submission is free of charge


Selection criteria

  • Films made in 2016 – 2017.
  • Only films not screened earlier in competition programs of other Ukrainian festivals, on Ukrainian TV, Ukrainian cinema and internet can participate in international competition programs.
  • Ukrainian film premieres are given preference in considering application for the National competition.
  • For non-competition, films of any timing unrestricted in the year of production are allowed notwithstanding the fact whether the film was screened earlier in competition programs of other Ukrainian festivals, on Ukrainian TV or Ukrainian cinema.
  • A film can be submitted to the Selection Committee only once. If a film was not accepted for the competition, the application will not be considered next year.
  • Films that were made to order, or represent report on activities of some organizations, or realization of certain projects, spread pronounced propaganda, lobby political or commercial interests, instructional and training films are debarred from participation.
  • All DVD copies and online-links to film copies sent to the Festival will be kept in the Festival's archives.
  • The Festival has right to use short fragments of selected films, not longer than 3 min., for Festival-advertising purposes.
  • The festival has the right to upload all the films included in its film program to its online library. The resource is administrated by Docudays UA and functions from the first day of the Festival until the beginning of the next year’s Festival. The purpose of the online library is to provide online access to festival film program solely to the accredited participants and guests during the festival week. The term of a film’s storage in the online library is automatically extended to one year if the film’s rights holders do not express objections to it. Accordingly, the persons accredited by the festival get year-long access to viewing festival materials online (starting with the opening day of the Festival). The access is individual and cannot be transferred to third parties. None of the materials in the online library can be copied, published elsewhere, downloaded, posted, transferred, demonstrated, accessed by or distributed to any third parties.

Application submission means you comply with the Festival Regulations and acknowledge the Festival right to use submitted materials in non-commercial purposes.

Docudays UA submission

  • Create personal account Docudays UA and fill out the Online Entry Form. Your film will be accepted by the The Selection Committee only if you provide online Entry form.
  • The application form must include a web link to the film, which is a necessary requirement for consideration of the film. We only accept closed links in Vimeo / YouTube. Links to film downloads at file sharing services (WeTransfer, MegaUpload, etc.) will not be considered by the commission. Please make sure that your link will work until the end of March 2018. It is also possible, albeit unnecessary, to send a DVD copy. If you are sending a DVD copy of your film, please send it to the address: Darya Bassel, 11 Mala Zhytomyrska str., office 10, Kyiv 01001, Ukraine. If the film is sent by regular mail, it must be marked with a note, “For cultural purposes only. No commercial value.” All letters and packages must be addressed to Darya Bassel. The film copy must be sent no later than November 30, 2017.
  • If your film is selected, you'll have to comply with the Regulations.
  • In case of any questions, please contact program@docudays.org.ua.

All letters and parcels must have mark: for Darya Bassel.

Important! Do not use courier delivery service! Send films and materials by regular mail only!



  • DOCU/LIFE (competition presents full-length creative documentaries where problems with human rights observance are shown with artistic means of expression).
  • DOCU/RIGHT (competition presents feature-length documentaries focused on problems with human rights observance, paying attention to such problems and the struggle for fundamental rights and freedoms).
  • DOCU/SHORT (this competition presents documentaries of no more than 45 minutes of running time).
  • DOCU/UKRAINE (national competition presents documentaries made in Ukraine or in co-production with Ukraine).


  • DOCU/LIFE Competition jury prize makes up 1000 USD in UAH equivalent.
  • DOCU/RIGHT Competition jury prize makes up 1000 USD in UAH equivalent.
  • DOCU/SHORT Competition jury prize makes up 1000 USD in UAH equivalent.
  • DOCU/UKRAINE Competition jury prize makes up 1000 USD in UAH equivalent.
  • Students Jury Award. 1000 USD in UAH equivalent.
  • Audience Award (by results of the audience polling). 1000 USD in UAH equivalent.
  • Andriy Matrosov Award (established by the Organizing Committee. Andriy Matrosov was the Festival producer. He perished in traffic accident on February 16, 2010). 1000 USD in UAH equivalent.

Organizations or private persons are welcome to present their own special awards (prizes).


To submit a film, please fill out an entry form. Thank you!

March 2018
month to the submission opening

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