Ukrainian delegation at the IDFA

Thanks to the cooperation between the Ukrainian State Film Agency, Docudays UA and IDFA, this year, Ukrainian professionals will have a chance to receive financial, coordination and consulting support and to present their projects at world’s central documentary film platform during the "Ukraine: Here We Go!"


The participants of the "Ukraine: Here We Go!" will be offered


1. IDFA Forum Pass, IDFA Academy or Festival Pass.

The type of accreditation will be determined depending on the individual needs of each participant, as well as based on decisions of the IDFA selection council about the participants of the IDFA Forum and IDFA Academy.


2. An opportunity to receive a 100% discount* for placing their film on the Docs For Sale online market, which has been part of the IDFA since 1996. Every year, over 250 television buyers, sales agents, distributors and festival programmers come to Amsterdam to watch a collection of the newest and best documentaries on the international market. It should be noted that with the opportunity to place your film in Docs For Sale, you will also receive one accreditation and an opportunity to buy a second accreditation for a discount price of €70.


*100% discount means that 4 films will be selected by the Docudays UA Programming Department, and their costs for publishing at the Docs For Sale platform will be covered in full.


3. An opportunity to receive financial assistance for a trip to Amsterdam: the Docudays UA team will select up to 4 projects whose authors (directors and/or producers*) will have their travel and accommodation (organizers cover up to 4 nights) costs covered.


*The number of representatives of each particular project will be determined individually depending on the total number of the selected projects. Directors will have priority. Producers will be given financial assistance under the following conditions: the selected project is the first or the second in the producer’s filmography; the producer is not older than 35.


4. Informational and promotional support (mailing lists, flyer distribution and a special Docudays UA networking event during the IDFA) for projects which will participate in the "Ukraine: Here We Go!".


5. Organizational and consulting assistance from the Docudays UA team during the trip.


Whom We Are Looking For


Directors and producers of Ukrainian documentaries with feature-length film projects at any stage of production.


Directors and producers of Ukrainian documentaries with finished feature-length films who are interested in publishing their film on Docs For Sale. The films must be produced no later than in 2018.


The authors who work in the VR and/or immersive documentary genre. If you have applied with an unfinished project to the IDFA Doc Lab and are waiting for the selection results, or if you plan to apply with a finished project for the IDFA program, please contact us. We are interested in supporting and bringing one Ukrainian VR/immersive project to the IDFA.


The projects will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

• Artistic quality

• Uniqueness of the topic/protagonists/artistic solution

• Relevance of the project for international market trends

• Presence of clearly articulated goals of the director and/or producer’s trip


How to Apply for the Participation in the "Ukraine: Here We Go!"


Fill in the corresponding FORM until August 1, 2019 (11:59 p.m.).


Additional: If you plan to apply with your project to the IDFA Forum, or with your film or VR/immersive project to the official festival program, please write to us. We will help you submit your project for a special discount price.


Key Dates


May 15 – announcement about the Ukrainian delegation / opening the call for applications

May 30 – presentation of the "Ukraine: Here We Go!" at the Molodist Film Festival

July (the date is being clarified) – presentation of the "Ukraine: Here We Go!" at the Odesa International Film Festival

August 1 – call for applications closes

September 2 – publishing the results of the selection and the composition of the "Ukraine: Here We Go!"

November 20 – December 1 - IDFA


The delegation will also include representatives of relevant public institutions and the media. Should you have any questions, please email us at, with “Ukrainian delegation at the IDFA” in the email subject.

March 2020