Producers Meet Producers

B2B Doc, in cooperation with Docudays UA, presents a co-production pitching event which aims to bring emerging projects from post-Soviet & Eastern European countries onto the European film financing market by establishing co-productions. Pre-selected documentary feature projects from Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Russia, Belarus, Estonia, and Lithuania will be presented to established European film producers, broadcasters, distributors, sales agents and festival programmers.


when | 22 March

where | Rus Hotel, Conference Hall G

access | Industry, Festival or Press Accreditation

Language | English



Presented by: Max Rudenko (director), Oleksandr Debych (producer)



A trainer and his student are on the edge of the ski jump while preparing for a new height. A story about sport, fear and courage.


Fragments of Ice 

Presented by:  Maria Stoianova (director), Maksym Nakonechny (producer)



Maria rediscovers her father’s VHS archive. A Soviet figure-skating star, he filmed his tours to the ‘paradise’ of the West in the 1980s and ‘90s.


Expedition 49 

Presented by: Alisa Kovalenko (director), Stephane Siohan (producer)

Ukraine / France


A 73-years old alpinist goes on his last expedition. To leave a unique legacy, he invites five teenagers from the Donbas frontline to conquer the Himalayas…


Lagoons. A Battle for Paradise 

Presented by: Serhiy Lysenko (director), Anna Kapustina (producer)



Tuzla National park has been in danger for several years. The peaceful nature and the dangerous struggle for its preservation are two realities of this place.


Electing Ms Santa 

Presented by: Raisa Razmerita (director), Ion Gnatiuk (producer)



It took Elena, a 42-year-old disabled lady, ten years to promote Santa Claus in her village. Now she needs to convince her own family to respect her choices.



Presented by: Angela Frangyan (producer)

Armenia, Germany


Five women of different ages work together and discuss a neighbour’s abortion of a girl. In Armenia, thousands of female babies are aborted yearly.


The Transition 

Presented by: Gayane Petrosyan (director, producer)

Armenia, Russia, UK


This intimate story lays bare extremely frankly one of the most sensitive issues of an intolerant society – through the eyes of a transgender boy’s mother.


Shaman vs Putin 

Presented by: Beata Bubenets (director), Vlad Ketkovich (producer)



It’s the story of Alexander, a Yakutian shaman-warrior, who wants to expel the ‘creation of dark forces’, as he calls Mr. Putin, from the Kremlin.


Missing my Body 

Presented by: Alexander Kvatashidze (director, producer)



He went to war at the age of 22. The plane he was on board was downed by a Russian rocket. His parents are still waiting for his bones to be identified and buried.



Presented by: Nella Agrenich (director), Andrei Kashperski (co-director), Mikalai Laureniuk (producer)



A 34-year-old Belarusian leaves his mother and cat to rent his own place and buy a goose egg. His vlog about the goose in his apartment goes viral on YouTube.


Miss Poland 

Presented by: Jana Shostak (director), Jakub Jasiukiewicz (producer), Katarzyna Drapala (producer)

Poland, Belarus


Yana, a Belarusian artist, wants to become Miss Poland. Will she make it to the national finals and get a chance to broadcast her message live from the stage?


Artyom’s Upbringing 

Presented by: Liubov Ziamtsova (director), Vladimir Mikhailovski (producer)



Is it really possible to change the personality and fate of a boy who, even though he is talented, has been raised under the rules of an orphanage?



Presented by: Denis Shabaev (director), Max Tuula (producer)

Estonia, Russia


A stereotype-breaking story about the ordinary villagers who started producing sex toys in the conservative Russian South.


On the Run with Salman, Maxim and Bohdan 

Presented by: Olga Kravets (director), Sylvie Brenet (producer)

Russia, France


A look into Vladimir Putin’s 18 years of oppressive rule through the story of Salman: a Russian nationalist, a new Muslim, a failed insurgent, an exiled adventurer.


Armour, Rust and Power 

Presented by: Andrius Lekavicius (director, producer)



A journey to the industry of World War II tank-collecting: from eccentric millionaires and shifty traders to handy mechanics and hidden treasure hunters.

April 2021