Ukrainian Doc Preview

Ukrainian Doc Preview is an opportunity for Ukrainian teams to present their full-length documentary projects in production and post-production to international festivals selectors and representatives of international funds, sales companies, and broadcasters. Online-pitch will be held in the format of virtual round tables, each bringing together one project team, moderator and panel of experts. Project presentation will take up to 10 minutes, followed by a 20-minutes moderated discussion with experts.


22 April 2020

Access for Industry Pass holders

Working language: English


Ukrainian Doc Preview-2020 Projects:


The Elf's Tower 

Director: Polina Kelm | Producers: Gennady Kofman, Myroslav Dembinskyi


Iron Butterflies 

Director: Roman Liuby | Producers: Andrii Kotliar, Volodymyr Tykhyi, Anna Zobnina, Oleksandra Bratyshchenko


Pearl of Absurd 

Director: Oleksandra Chuprina | Producer: Elmira Asadova


Plai. Path Through The Mountains 

Director: Eva Dzhyshyashvili | Producer: Oksana Ivanyuk


Salt from Bonneville  

Director: Simon Mozgovyi | Producers: Taras Bosak, Artem Koliubaiev, Maksim Leschanka, Anton Khilman 


Diary of a Bride of Christ 

Director: Marta Smerechynska | Producer: Natalia Libet


Ukrainian Doc Preview Awards

  • One selected film will receive a cash prize from the Ukrainian Institute for promotion and distribution.

  • Current Time TV will choose one project that will receive a $2,000 prize.

  • One project will receive the East Silver Caravan Award, for support with film distribution at international film festivals for a year.

  • DAE Talent Development Award: 2 memberships for a project team to join Documentary Association of Europe (DAE) free of charge for 12 months, with access to DAE services, including consultation and exclusive networking events.

  • DOK Leipzig Award: 2 free passes for a project team to attend DOK Leipzig festival and observe at the DOK Co-Pro Market in October 2020.


Ukrainian Doc Preview Moderators:

  • Brigid O'Shea, head of Industry at DOK Leipzig, founder of Documentary Association of Europe
  • Tracie Holder, filmmaker, producer, film funding specialist


Brigid O'Shea and Tracie Holder will conduct the special training before the pitching, and then moderate the virtual round tables on April, 22.


This year's Ukrainian Doc Preview is held in partnership with the Ukrainian Institute.

March 2020