Benefits for the Docudays UA volunteers

An opportunity to apply your skills in the context of the major international event, meet well-known documentary filmmakers from Europe, America, and Ukraine, practice foreign languages by chatting with foreign participants, develop communication and organizational skills and work with the friendly and professional festival team.


Following Docudays UA-2020 every volunteer will be given a certificate for their involvement. Some higher schools recognize volunteering as an externship (find out the details in your higher school). Volunteers will also be provided with free meals.


Possible activities for volunteers

●        Festival participants accreditation.

●        Press department.

●        Technical service.

●        Coordination of festival locations.

●        Guest service.


Required skills

●        Responsibility, communication skills, responsible approach to tasks.

●        Knowledge of Ukrainian and high level of English language proficiency.

●        Interest in documentary films and human rights issues.

●        Ability to meet new people and desire to work in the team.


To join  Docudays UA-2020 as a volunteer please fill out the application form.


Deadline: March 6, 2020 inclusively. 


All volunteers will be invited to individual interviews and training before the start of the festival. The Docudays UA work schedule is also prepared in advance, taking into account the capacities and individual needs of all volunteers.


For more information, please write to our volunteer coordinator Marina Lazarenko at volunteer@docudays.ua.

April 2021