March 27, Wednesday: what is worth watching

26 March 2013

The competition screenings are over, but there's still a lot to see at Docudays UA. We remind you that the festival takes place in two locations: Cinema House and ‘Kinopanorama’ cinema. Entrance is free of charge.


Briefly about the most interesting.


SPECIAL EVENT. Life Span of the Object in Frame. Director: Oleksandr Balaura

Having chosen photos as the material of the film and memory as the theme, we inevitably find ourselves in a labyrinth of our own and others’ memories, of our own and others’ time. And in seeking for the escape, we become a part of this labyrinth and the material of our own film.

Cinema House, Blue Hall, 2 pm


DOCU/ANIMA. Documentary animation

A couple of years ago, the combination of words ‘animated documentary’ seemed to be an oxymoron. Yet now it’s a very modern way of expression. This 90-minute selection of experimental shorts includes winners of International Film Festivals in Berlin and Amsterdam, as well as Sundance; an Oscar nominee, and the favorites of human rights festivals.

Cinema House, Blue Hall, 5 pm


AWARDS CEREMONY. Screening of the DOCU/LIFE competition winner.

Find out who is going to win!

Cinema House, Red Hall, 7 pm



Pavel Kostomarov

A cinematographer and director-experimentalist, prize winner at many festivals, including the Berlin IFF. 

‘Kinopanorama’, The Small Hall, 12 am


Stéphane Siohan’s workshop on web documentary 

Gol! Ukraine was a web documentary project  created by French journalists Stéphane Siohan and Matthieu Sartre, along with the Ukrainian crew Kateryna Babkina, Oleh Sosnov and Mariya Nesterenko. These interactive films, which were shot during the Euro-2012 championship for the French newspaper Le Monde and ARTE TV, show an innovative view on football, Ukraine and its citizens. Gol! Ukraine is a unique French-Ukrainian project that combines documentary filmmaking and internet technologies.

‘Kinopanorama’, The Small Hall, 2 am

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