Amosov – Centenary: Q&A with Kateryna Amosova

24 March 2014

On March 24 at 7 pm in Blue Hall of Cinema House DOCU/UKRAINE presents Amosov – Centenary by Sergey Lysenko.


Mykola Amosov’s daughter Kateryna and the surgeon’s patients will participate in Q&A after the screening.


If we put all Mykola Amosov’s patients together, we’ll get the population of a small town. And if we count all the people saved by his students and the Amosov Institute – how many will there be? A region?A country? A dozen prominent medical scientistswould envy his achievements, but he didn’t limited himself to medicine. A doctor, an engineer, a cyberneticist, a writer, a public activist, a scientist, a man of thought – he was a multifaceted and complex personality. We call such people renaissance men. His intellect, health, and creativity were in complete balance and harmony. He was notable for his unique ability to make a great qualitative advancement in everything he touched. What was his secret? What was that inherent spring that drove this brilliant man? 

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