The Voices of Ukrainian Documentary Filmmaking

03 April 2018

For the first time in the history of Docudays UA, the competitors in the the DOCU/UKRAINE competition were feature-length films. Among 100 applications, 6 films were selected to become part of the debut collection of the national competition. All of them were national premieres. Each of the authors had their own topic, their own style, and their own view of the world.


On March 29, on the last day of the Docudays UA 2018, there was a press briefing of the DOCU/UKRAINE authors. At the briefing, they shared their thoughts about the response of the Ukrainian audience to their films, discussed the topics which are not represented in the Ukrainian documentary cinema, talked about producing discussion in the Ukrainian cinema, about the possibilities for film distribution and about “delivering” films to audiences in Ukraine and abroad.


Participants of the press briefing:


Masha Kondakova, Women in War

Uliana Osovska, Almost 10 000 Voters

Tania Khodakivska, Enticing, Sugary, Boundless or Songs and Dances about Death

Igor Minaiev, The Cacophony of the Donbas

Yaroslav Pilunsky, Yulia Shashkova, Yuriy Gruzinov, The First Company

Dmytro Lavrinenko, Whereufrom


The briefing was moderated by the director Maryna Stepanska.



Header photo: Docudays UA

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