Andrea Slovakova


Documentarist, curator, teacher, publisher. Since 2003 until 2011 she worked in the management of Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, in the last years as the director for publishing activities. Now she continues in curating programs of experimental documentaries and iternational conference on distribution of experimental films. In 2012 – 2015 she worked as a director of AMU Press – the publishing house of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. She was editor-in-chief of the annual anthology of texts on documentary and a chief editor of bimonthly Dok.revue. Since 2008 she teaches history and methods of documentary and avant-garde cinema at different universities. She is a founder of a publishing house for non-fiction Nová beseda. As an artist, she made the portrait of mathematician Petr Vopěnka, film about clouds, essay about supervision mechanisms and experimental film on Czech industry.