Catalogue of the Ukrainian Documentary

Annually, Docudays UA compiles a catalogue of Ukrainian documentary films, production companies, studios, film festivals, and documentary film distributors.


This year the catalogue will include films and film projects released in 2017-2019 as well as works that are now at the stage of development and production. And also information about independent production companies, producers, film and television studios that produce documentary films, post-production studios, film festivals and distributors of non-fiction films in Ukraine.


What films and projects are we looking for?


The catalogue will include films and projects of the creative documentary. We are interested in works in which authors creatively manipulate forms, experiment, yet easily communicate with the viewer and convey an important social message. We do not limit film duration and include both short and full-length works into the catalogue.


Creative documentary


Docudays UA has always focused on creative documentary films. We are always interested in the personal opinion of the author. A documentarian is an artist, not a journalist. A journalist aims to present reality as objectively as possible, an artist seeks to express their own idea. The laws of journalism are not the same as the laws of the documentary. Non-fiction films have other quality criteria.




Each good documentary is up to date, reflects on and analyzes changes in society, events on both local and world scale. However, we do not expect an eye-witness report, since the artist is the one who holds a mirror in which our world reflects.




In a good documentary, its form is no less important than content. Docudays UA is primarily interested in movies with felt author’s presence. It does not matter whether the film is edited with newsreel shots, shot on a mobile phone or high-tech RED camera. 




A good documentary addresses us. Documentary films make the viewer think, ask questions, discuss.




Docudays UA shows not only popular films. At the same time, we do not focus solely on socially important films. We are striving to achieve the balance of content, form, communication, and this is what warrants a successful festival. With the same criteria, we will approach the choice of films and projects for the third edition of the Catalogue of the Ukrainian Documentary.




September 10, 2018. The submission is closed now!


The catalogue is issued with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency and Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine.



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March 2020