One of the most important film festivals in Germany, goEast, in cooperation with the EVZ Foundation, have announced the winners of the OPPOSE OTHERING! Project. All applicants for the project were filmmakers from Germany and Eastern Europe who work with human rights issues. Docudays UA also joined in supporting the project.


Five international filmmaker duos received €4,000 grants provided by the EVZ Foundation. The winners are Oksana Kazmina (Ukraine) and Maxim Cirlan (Moldova) with the project Antigona, Miona Bogovic (Serbia/Germany) and Ana Hoffner (Austria) with the project The Other Zenit, Zhanna Ozirna (Ukraine) and Aurelia Natalini (Germany) with the project Bond, Ion Gnatiuc (Romania) and Artiom Zavadovschi (Moldova) with the project Face to Face, and, finally, Andreas Boschmann (Germany) and Aleksandra Medianikova (Russia) with their project Home Video.


Soon the young filmmakers from Germany and Central and Eastern Europe will set off on their journeys. Their central objectives: to use the means of cinema to investigate misanthropic attitudes towards individuals of different social, religious, cultural, ethnic and sexual orientation/gender backgrounds or identities and to present portraits of individuals and projects that are working to promote solidarity, civil courage and resistance to discrimination.


The completed films will be presented at the goEast festival in 2018. In addition, the films will be available for watching at the project website.


Another important component of the OPPOSE OTHERING! Project is a network that unites partner film festivals and human rights advocates, publicizing their work.


OPPOSE OTHERING! combines human rights filmmaking ethos with travels, workshops and networking. Please follow this link to learn more about the project.

March 2018
month to the submission opening

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