Human in the City: Docudays UA at IZOLYATSIA with Documentary Screenings

18 June 2018

Docudays UA together with the IZOLYATSIA foundation invites you to documentary screenings of films with a special perspective on the urban space. As a part of the exhibition by the artist Pavlo Makov, visitors will have a chance to watch two films — about the port city of Zhalanash on the Aral Sea, and about the Romanian town Petrila.


Zhalanazh is a place, between a great water and a vast desert, which used to be a prosperous link of the Soviet economy, but today is just a shadow of its former glory. In Marcin Sauter’s film Zhalanash — An Empty Shore, Zhalanash is about the fates of people who ponder their solitude among the wrecks of ships and port cranes.


And the Planeta Petrila, directed by Andrei Dascalescu, is about an ex-miner Ion Barbu, who mobilizes the community to stop the local authorities from demolishing the coal mine. Instead, he strives to turn the mine into a cultural cluster, to revitalize the space, so that it can serve as the core of the town again. According to the activists, the former industrial spaces of the “cultural desert” of Petrila have the potential to unite the population around them again, but this time thanks to different, artistic practices.


June 22, 7 p.m.

Zhalanash — An Empty Shore by Marcin Sauter


July 7, 7 p.m.

Planeta Petrila by Andrei Dascalescu


The screenings will take place on the second floor if the IZONE (8 Naberezhno-Luhova street). Free entry.


A Notebook without One Page is a new exhibition by the artist Pavlo Makov. It is a multimedia project which consists of an intimate sketchbook, an art book and a huge map of an imaginary city of the future, Do Po. “The question is not about the extent to which your plan of the Place does not correspond to the existing plan of those who live in it, the question is to what extent these two plans can correspond at all,” emphasizes Pavlo Makov.


Main photo: A still from the film Zhalanash — An Empty Shore

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