Meet the festival’s human rights program

10 March 2018

The theme of equality, which is crucial for this year’s Docudays UA, is related to many social challenges. In order to undermine stereotypes that are abundant in our society, we’ve created six special programs that allow to look at the most common inequalities from different perspectives. We have also prepared an intense program of the festival’s human rights events, which will be interesting not only for law experts, but also for everyone willing to debate, to act, and to ask sensitive questions about the “invisible layers” of everyday life.


Coffee with human rights defenders


Meetings with human rights activists will be held every day of the festival at the cafe of "Zhovten" cinema at 11.30. We will talk about the social protection necessary for children affected by the war in Donbas; we will discuss whether sex work should be legalized. You can ask about possible and already implemented formats of interaction between law enforcement and local communities in Ukraine. Also, we’ll touch upon the shortcomings of migration policy and stereotypes about refugees. Follow the updates at our site!

“Wearing Purple” Gender Party


On the first day of the festival, on March 24th, the festival partner IREX invites for the gender party “Wearing Purple”. Three platforms for different age groups will be open at the IZONE creative space: for children, for adolescents, and for adults. To the youngest visitors, the psychologists will offer a playful way to learn about gender identity, tolerant attitude, and building friendly relationships with other children. The adolescents will have a chance to discuss freely with the curators their first dates, relationship risks, and healthy relationships. The adults will learn how to eradicate all violence from professional, personal, and family life, and how to counteract bullying among children. This intense day will start at 12 and continue until 6 PM.


Crimea. Discussions. Screenings


On March 25, two events will be held on the theme of Russia-occupied Crimea. Our partners, human rights defenders from the Center for Human Rights Information, will speak about the scale and effects of the language of hostility in Crimea. There will be an opportunity to learn how the spiral of hatred unfolded on the air of Russian TV channels that cover Crimea (4 p.m). And the Ukrainian service of "Radio Svoboda" (“Crimea.Reality” project) will show a series of short documentaries that reflect the life in occupied Crimea (6 p.m)


“In Search for Balance: Is Equality in School Education Possible?”


Are the parents and teachers ready to let children choose their own format and speed of study process? The teenagers who have chosen homeschooling instead of traditional education at schools or lyceums will share their experience, as will the adults. For instance, Anastasiya Leukhina, mother of such student, will tell about possible advantages and disadvantages of this type of education (5-7 p.m).

Screening of the film “Chronicles of 'Black Tulip'”


This film tells the story of searchers who volunteered to take on a crucial mission: to search the bodies of dead soldiers in the ATO area and to return them to their loved ones. Most of the frames were taken by Kryvy Rih journalists of the Rudana TV Company and the “Black Tulip” crew - Viktoria Simkina (journalist), Konstantin Sologub (operator), Sergiy Ilchenko (editing director), as well as by the volunteers, who joined the "Black Tulip" Humanitarian Mission . After screening, it will be possible to talk to the film creators (2:30 - 4:30 p.m).


Screening of films about Ukrainian activists


What makes people care about the fates of the others seven days a week, 24 hours a day? “Choosing: Action” is a series of short films about six human rights defenders. They work in different fields: defending the rights of disabled people and children’s rights, the rights of the imprisoned and the Ukrainians prosecuted in Crimea, the rights of women and LGBTQI+. Besides, they are demanding prosecution of those responsible for killings at the Maidan (5-7:30 p.m).


Project “Wounds 360°”


The project “Wounds 360°” will be available for watching throughout the festival at the second floor of IZONE creative space. For the first time, the festival will feature movies made with the use of virtual reality technology. “While wearing the virtual reality headset, no matter where you turn your head – to your left or to your right, up or down, quickly or slowly – you will feel the events unfolding around you, in the 360° space. In the virtual reality, one can walk and even interact with the virtual objects”, says Joseph Sywenkyj, the author of the project. “Wounds 360°” are three stories of the soldiers who fought in the East of Ukraine and were severely wounded. The project was realized by Hromadske.UA in cooperation with Joseph Sywenkyj.


For detailed information about the event, follow the link. Admission to all the events of human rights program is either free or by registration, which is stated in the description of the event.


The main venue of the events of human rights program is IZONE creative space (Naberezhnaya-Luhova str., 8).


Text by Kateryna Lutska

March 2020