Valeriy Balayan

Valeriy Balayan was born in 1960. He graduated from the St. Petersburg University of Economics and Finances (1982), and the Higher Courses for Screenwriters and Film Directors as writer of non-fiction films (1986) and as director of non-fiction films (1989). He developed scripts for over 40 documentaries, both TV productions and films, including Land and Water (directed by M. Makarov, 1986), Typhen (in collaboration with V. Bondar, directed by S. Bukovsky, 1991), Aeronautics in Russia (directed by B. Uritsky, 1990). He directed over 60 non-fiction films and TV productions, including Between Sky and Earth (1996), Aleksandr Askoldov (2005), Nostalgia for Window Glass (2011). Valeriy Balayan worked for TV companies such as REN-TV, Alma-Mater, Kultura, RTR (Russia TV Channel), TVC and ACC-TV. Since 2003, he’s been teaching screenwriting at the VGIK. Since 2008, he has been the special correspondent of Radio Liberty in the Crimea, Ukraine.