Accessibility at the festival

We want documentary films and festival screenings to be accessible to everyone. Undoubtedly, the problem of accessibility is closely linked to a broader range of issues - urban infrastructure development, technical support and inclusive practices in the cultural sphere. Docudays UA is one of the first film festivals to launch screenings with audio description for blind people. Below, we are going to tell you about the accessibility features during this year's festival.





Audio description has been used in cinema for over 40 years. This is an additional audio track to a film that describes the visual content of the film for blind viewers.


At Docudays UA-2020, sound descriptions will be available for the following films:

Creating audio descriptions for selected films was made possible through collaboration with the ‘Fight for Right’ initiative. Downloading the Earcatch application to your phone, blind viewers will gain access to a special audio track to a film during the screening. All you need is a phone with Earcatch application and headphones.


How does Earcatch work?

Step 1 - Download Earcatch application to your phone

Download for Android

Download for iOS

It is best to download in advance when you have an internet connection.


Step 2 - Download the film you want from the ‘Add Film or TV Series’ list


Step 3 - Before the screening, you should select the film from the ‘My Films and TV Series’ list and click on the ‘Play’ button. Then you will hear the distinctive sounds in the headphones - the programme listens and synchronizes, and within 10 - 40 seconds it will play the audio description in the right place. If you need to pause the screening, pause the film and press the ‘Play’ button again after returning.



  • Earcatch works without the internet, so you don't need internet connection during on your device during the screening. But you need the internet to download the application and audio description files. We recommend downloading film in advance, before the screening.
  • Earcatch is compatible with Android 6 and later (phones) and iOS (phone or tablet)
  • More answers to the FAQ




Adapted subtitles is a new practice for Docudays UA. These are subtitles with special labels, symbols, and additional text that reflect the sound part of the film (music, additional sounds). These subtitles allow people with hearing impairments to immerse in the atmosphere of the film and follow its content. All films except DOCU/UKRAINE and DOCU/KIDS will have adapted subtitles in Ukrainian.

March 2020