Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk

Student Jury

Dmytro was born in 1983. He graduated from Chernivtsi Polytechnic College, Yuri Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University. Since 2007, he has been styring at the Kyiv National Karpenko-Kary University of Theater, Film and Television, workshop of M. Illienko. As director, he made 5 short films that took part in many festivals. He is currently working on his first full-length documentary Krasna Malanka. Filmography: Adolescence (2008), Burden (2010), Ephemerons (2010), The Date. Wish You Were (2010), Thread (2011), The Beard (2011). “Participation in the student jury is a new way of apprehending the documentary milieu while being on the contemplating side. Documentary is a fixation of the time and space that exist in reality, while a human being as the object of observation acts as a medium between the real and the on-screen space. Documentary is a way to apprehend the realities and problems that drive a man to confess “the truth”, which would sometimes make us tactfully look away. The documentary is where the ethic content resonates more powerfully than the aesthetics, and this is what constitutes is pain and tragedy”.