Stanislav Bilyy

Student Jury

Stanislav was born in 1992 in Kherson, Ukraine. He is the third year student at the Dragomanov Kyiv State Pedagogical University, Institute of Psychology, Sociology and Management. He is activist of the Kherson regional organization of the Voters’ Committee of Ukraine and the journalist of “Vilny Vybir” (“Free Choice”) newspaper and “Politychna Khersonschina” (“Political Kherson Region”) online newspaper. “I’d really like to participate in the students’ jury of the documentary films festival. I’ve been coming to this festival for two years now, and I’ve been watching lots of films that motivate me to act for the sake of human rights. I’d love to help assessing the best films that will soon be watched by students from other higher educational institutions all over Ukraine. Violation of human rights is a theme that me a lot, and I’d love my generation to see the injustice that exists all over the world, and to realize the need to fight it”.