Ukraine is in a focus of Astra Film Festival (Romania)

05 October 2014

Astra Film Festival is one of the oldest and most famous film forums in Romania specialized in Eastern European and Romanian documentary films. Its organizers welcome known filmmakers from all over the world to participate in discussions on major issues in the world of documentary film industry. The participants get an opportunity to present their works to professionals and interested public. This year. The festival founded in 1993 in Sibiu, will be held on October 6th-12th.


It will be the first time for Ukraine to be represented at Astra in two festival sections simultaneously.


The jury will, along with Docudays UA’s Program Coordinator Darya Bassel, also include filmmakers from various parts of the world, in particular, the founder of the Romanian 'new wave cinema' and the author of The Death of Mr. Lăzărescu, Cristi Puiu, and Nicolas Feodoroff, a French film critic and FIDMarseille program coordinator who in 2012 acted as a Docudays UA’s jury member.


Darya will be present at the Astra Film Festival on October 6th-12th. Contact information here.


The special program 'Focus' will present three early films by Serhiy Loznitsa,  as well his lates film Maidan. Besides that, Loznitsa and Puiu will have a panel discussion on the role and place of an author in filmmaking processes.

Darya Bassel will share her Astra Film Festival experiences in her feature article later at and Docudays UA’s Facebook page.   

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April 2022