Website on Euromaidan in various languages was hacked

13 February 2014

The website on Euromaidan was hacked, according to writer Yuriy Andrukovych, who brought up this news during the discussion titled “Euromaidan as seen by Europe: understanding and interpreting Ukrainian revolution in the West” which took place at Ukrayinskyi Dim.


Currently, the resource is temporary available via a different URL, The .tk is a domain zone of Tokelau, one of New Zealand’s territories.


The website is a platform for publishing news on Euromaidan in various languages: Ukrainian, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish.


According to Yuriy Andrukhovysh, conveying the truth about events in Ukraine to European citizens in their languages is crucial.


He also shed light on how the Eurolution.doc initiative, being part of it, started. It happened when Andrukhovych’s open letter on situation in Ukraine had to be spread among foreign media in various languages.


Yuriy Andrukhovysh discussed the translation issue with Andriy Bondar (now curating Eurolution.doc). The two writers decided that the project deserves to be scaled up to a bigger project for translating important texts on Ukraine in various languages.  


The Eurolution.doc project is the result of work done by a team of volunteer translators. Apart from the website, the material can be also found at the project’s Facebook page.

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