Docudays UA presented its program at the Montreal Ukrainian Festival in Canada

29 September 2014

For the first time Docudays UA in collaboration with the 15th annual Montreal Ukrainian Festival in Quebec, Canada presented a documentary program Maidan. During first September’s weekend Ukrainian Canadian and International communities of Montreal watched documentaries about recent events that have changed history of Ukraine.


The goal of the program was to present to the multinational Monreal audience documentaries about recent events that changed Ukrainian history and underline the complexity of Maidan as cultural and political phenomenom. Spectators had a chance to watch two full length documentaries Orange winter (dir. Andrei Zagdansky) and Pit # 8 (dir. Marianna Kaat), as well as a collection of shorts dedicated to EuroMaidan revolution.



«Indeed, your program succeeded in highlighting the complexity of the Maïdan phenomenon. I also appreciated your many efforts to reduce as much as possible the biases that can too easily cloud issues. I believe that this is of capital importance in today's media frenzy environment. For me, these efforts definitely added to the credibility of the event. The films offered very unique perspectives that the mainstream media simply do not provide. In this sense, the event was a contribution to the collective reflection» - wrote one of the visitors of Maidan film program, economist Kevin Hughes.


Screenings and post-screening discussions took place in Ukrainian Youth Center and were presented by a Docudays UA program coordinator Oksana Karpovych.


Oksana Karpovych

25 – 
April 2022