From the illusion to action

21 March 2016

A belief that all the injustice and problems exist outside our laptop or TV screens is another illusion that helps us avoid everyday stress. It seems that some problems don’t concern us. The truth is, those concerned about juridical and social injustice just don’t have opportunities to talk about it. This year we’ve prepared a program that might interest law and journalism professionals as well as everyone who faces bureaucracy and discrimination in their everyday lives.


“E-Team” is a film about an international quick response human rights organization. They arrive as soon as information about possible human rights violations comes up, and look for proofs to enable further investigation. The film is a must-see for everyone involved in media coverage of the East Ukrainian military conflict. A talk with the hero of the film Anna Neistat will take place after the screening. The Amnesty International Senior Director for investigations has been working as human rights activist all around the world for 20 years.


Those who face problems in their professional field might be interested in master class “Public information access as instrument for journalists and investigation film authors”. We will test the work of this mechanism during the training.


Non-government organization WITNESS specialists will tell about their experience of fixing human rights violations with cameras of the simple gadgets that could be used in court. The discussion held by editors of the popular science magazine “Kunsht” will tell you about other dimensions of technical progress and their possible influence on our life, relationships and ethics. Among the topics - things that are already reality: drones at the service in ATO, Siri - the voice assistant you can chat with, and bank cards that replace plastic underground tokens.


Feminism is becoming more popular in Ukraine nowadays. We will discuss women’s place in military structure, their participation in grass-roots activism, and female history. A discussion “Beyond Berehynia: women’s role in the new police of Ukraine” will take place after the opening of “Ukrainian dream”, a photo exhibition by Midha Friedman. It’s important to discuss how we can overcome outdated stereotypes and democratize the society by enrolling women in typical “men’s” fields. We invite you to talk about feminist activism with women from the frontlines in our event “Through the illusions with weapons of the weak”.


How did it happen that Syrians who escape from the war supported by Kremlin are unwelcome for some Ukrainians that oppose Kremlin? Numerous TV stories that distort the situation with refugees and IDPs in Ukraine have raised the need to discuss the causes of this situation. Journalists, human rights activists and everyone concerned are welcome to discussion “Migration or solidarity crisis in Ukraine and wider Europe”.


The whole Human Rights educational program includes around 30 events. You can find more events in the schedule and choose those you’re interested in.

Prepared by Mariam Agamyan

April 2021