Valentyna Potapova

Born on April 8, 1962, in the city of Yalta. From 2003 until 2014 she worked as a senior lecturer in the Department of History, Law and Teaching Methods at the Crimean Humanitarian University. While working in the university, in 2011 she created an NGO called the Almenda Center for Civic Education. Between 2009 and 2016 she worked as a regional representative of the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA in Yalta and Berdyansk. In 2010-2014, she was one of the leaders of the Social and Legal Film Club in Yalta, and since 2014, she has worked as a coach training moderators for DOCU/CLUB film screening clubs. Since she left the occupied territory for Kyiv, she has worked as an activist. Her main line of work is the monitoring and research of the situation in civil society in Crimea and Ukraine.