Claire Simon

Claire Simon started in cinema as an editor. Her theatrical films Récréations and At All Costs were part of an upsurge in documentary production within French cinema. Since then, she has moved between documentaries (Mimi, 800 km of Difference, The Woods Dreams are Made of, The Competition, Young Solitude) and feature films (A Foreign Body, On Fire, God’s Offices, Gare du Nord).


Claire Simon portrays the people around her as heroes: children in Récréations, a stressed boss in At all Costs, a woman who kidnaps a baby in A Foreign Body, a young arsonist in On Fire, Stephanie who sells her body in The Woods, youngsters trying to enter a fortified castle which is actually the film school La Fémis. Claire Simon also teaches at the Universities of Paris 8 and Paris 7, and runs the Filmmaking department at La Fémis.