Sönke Kirchhof

Sönke Kirchhof is CEO of INVR.SPACE GmbH and reallifefilm international GmbH, where he works as a producer, director, stereographer and consultant. He is also a sought-after instructor for workshops and lectures at universities and private academies. Sönke studied political science (University of Hamburg) and film and TV production at the Film University at Babelsberg, where he gained his diploma with distinction in immersive media & stereoscopic 3D. In this millennium, he has worked on several hundred different projects for cinema, TV, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), as well as streaming to mobile and IP based devices. Sönke Kirchhof was one of the first founders of internet TV stations in Germany in 2005. In 2006 he founded reallifefilm international, a company closely specialising in stereoscopic (S3D) film-making from development to post-production, VFX and correlating technology R&D. In addition to working on immersive projects as well as exploring innovative creative fields and technology standards, he founded INVR.SPACE GmbH in 2015. While reallifefilm international GmbH produces feature films, documentaries, commercials and live broadcast content for cinema and TV, INVR.SPACE GmbH produces the same formats and genres, but is focused on 360° video, VR, AR/MR as well as projection mapping and panorama projections. Together INVR and reallifefilm are the parent companies for 360 Camrent, a joint brand rental house that specialises in equipment for immersive media creation and distribution, from cameras to headsets, from custom-made rigs to tailor-rigged projection systems and virtual production environments.