5 Seconds Man

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Former world record holder in speed climbing from Donetsk, Ukraine, faces the fact that he has to change his skills and climbing techniques to participate in the 2020 Olympics.

Danyl Boldyrev is a professional speed climber. In 2014, he won the gold medal, surpassing a Russian athlete, and made the world record. He won in the competition, but he wasn’t able to return to his relatives and coach in Donetsk. Sport climbing has become an Olympic sport and will be represented for the first time in Tokyo 2020, and Danyl decides to achieve his childhood dream and take part in the Olympics. But he is faced with the problem that he has to compete in two other climbing disciplines: lead and bouldering. Lead and speed are very different disciplines, like sprint and marathon. Danyl has to change his skills and develop his own strategy to make his dream come true.

DOP: Sergii Mukaieliants
Sound: Vladislav Syrenko
Animation: Vitaliy Alaniya
Production: Palmira Production
Point of contact:
Mountain Film Meetings (Poland)

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