UKE | The Untold Story of Hockey Legends (UKE | Невідома історія гокейних легенд)

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The Untold Story of Hockey Legends.

The authors showcase unique information that disproves previously held stereotypes. It turns out that the roots of Ukrainian hockey go back over a century. Ukrainian hockey players from immigrant families gained world fame while playing for teams in their new homeland. However, they always maintained their language and culture. Statistical data presented by the authors is absolutely astounding: throughout the 100-year existence of the NHL, more than fifty Ukrainians became champions of the League. This is the largest number of champions representing a non-North American nationality! Even the best hockey player of all time, Wayne Gretzky, is of Ukrainian descent. His grandparents lived in Ternopil and Beresteysk regions with the surname Gretskyy.

Directing: Volodymyr Mula
Production: Volodymyr Mula
Script: Mykola Vasylkov
DOP: Oleg Shevchyshyn, Dmytro Shypovskyi, Stanislav Tkachov, Oleksandr Ternovyi

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