Demon (Бєс)

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#ATO, #drama, #social issues, #war, #human rights
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Ukrainian, Russian

Mykola is the father of a volunteer soldier, Oleksii Kudryavtsev. In July 2014, Oleksii was captured by the pro-Russian terrorist Igor “Demon” Bezler. For several years, the father has been trying to find his son – dead or alive. But his main goal is to take revenge on “Demon”.

The film investigates the kidnapping and alleged murder of a young Ukrainian soldier in the Donbas region in 2014. His father, an elderly fisherman from the south of Ukraine, follows the trail of his kidnappers. Traveling from the calm Azov coastline to industrial conglomerates, from a furious mining region to the sleepless capital, the father tries to find the witnesses of his young soldier’s last hours and minutes... as well as those who could have seen him dead. When the testimonies are inconsistent, when the lawyers don’t show up in courts, when it’s one step forward, one step back, all that is left for the father is to take the law into his own hands.

DOP: Oleksandr Zemlyanyi, Yegor Troyanovsky
Sound: Andrii Nidzelskyi
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