A Labytnangi film (Kino z Labytnanhi)

Production Status
Work in Progress
Year of starting production
Release Date
Country(ies) of (co)production
USA, Canada, Ukraine
Russian, Ukrainian

How can a Ukrainian director shoot a film behind the bars of a Russian jail? The documentary tells the story of the production of the film Numbers by Oleg Sentsov.

The Ukrainian film producer Anna Palenchuk and the film director Axtem Seitablaiev decide to support the imprisoned Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov by launching the production of a film based on his play. They start the process which gives Sentsov a chance to direct his film from jail. He could not be present on the set, although he gave detailed instructions to his co-director, actors, and set designer in handwritten letters and through his lawyer. This allows Oleg to be a part of the film production even from behind the bars, and it will help everyone who is fighting for his release to stay focused on the problem and talk about Oleg not only as a political prisoner, but also as a filmmaker.

Directing: Askold Kurov
Production: Anna Palenchuk
DOP: Askold Kurov, Andriy Lytvynenko
Music: Sorin Apostol
Total budget: €73702.15
Confirmed Financing: €9183.14
Already engaged financial partners and funds: The Shevchenko Foundation, Canada
Point of contact:
Olena Kirichek, +380934495935, [email protected]

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