Florian's witnesses (Свідки Флоріана)

Production Status
Work in Progress
Year of starting production
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Country(ies) of (co)production
Ukraine, Czech Republik
Ukrainian, Russian

Florian Yuriev is an architect who quit his job decades ago to develop his own method of innovative violin making. At the age of 90, he’s compelled to make a comeback to his original occupation and breathe a new life into his architectural masterpiece that is threatened with destruction.

One day, Florian Yuriev learns that his architectural opus magnum, the UFO building in Kiev (designed as an avant-garde concert hall) is set to be transformed into a shopping mall. Despite his ailing health, Florian decides to strike back against the arrogant property developers and stop the destruction of the work of his lifetime. Under pressure, the shopping mall’s developer makes a deal with Florian, promising him to implement the architect’s own auteur concept for the UFO’s restoration. When Florian’s project is ready, the developer, unsurprisingly, breaks his promise. But the elderly architect is now facing a much bigger trouble.

Directing: Oleksiy Radynski
Production: Lyuba Knorozok
DOP: Max Savchenko
Sound: Andriy Borysenko
Total budget: €168352
Confirmed Financing: €98000
Already engaged financial partners and funds: Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, Current TIme TV
Industry Meetup at IDFA in 2019, Marche du Film Cannes Docs Ukrainian Showcase 2020

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