Ukraine behind the frames (Україна за кадром)

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Russian, Ukrainian

There are 900 abandoned towns in Ukraine that most people have forgotten about or never heard of. But someone still lives there.

Abandoned towns are a symphony of sadness that is inherent in every corner of the globe. The reasons for their desolation vary: war, shutdown of city-forming enterprises, ecological disaster, and many other historical circumstances. Ukraine Behind the Scenes is a documentary made of novellas connected by the unifying theme of so-called "ghost cities" and their inhabitants. Not depressing, but not without regret. "The leftovers" embody the fantastic vitality of Ukrainians, who can dream of a better future even amid a complete ruin. And more importantly, they build the future with their own hands here and now, with self-irony and smile on their faces.

Script: Lukian Galkin
DOP: Svitlana Koval
Total budget: €100000
Confirmed Financing: €80000
Already engaged financial partners and funds: Ukrainian State Film Agency
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