Tales of a Toy Horse (Казка про коника)

Production Status
Release Date
Country(ies) of (co)production
Ukraine, Estonia
Ukrainian, Estonian, Russian

A carved wood horse becomes the protagonist of fairy tales created by Anatoliy Latiuk, a former dissident who has become a monk. In Donbas, a region engulfed by war, he is looking for stories about kindness.

Anatoli, a former anti-Soviet activist who is now a monk and an artist, lives in an ancient stone tower in the heart of Tallinn. Day by day, he prays for nature and creates self-made books in his workshop. Many years ago, Anatoli made a vow to find something good in every day. The outbreak of war in Eastern Ukraine makes him leave the peaceful Estonian capital and go to the frontline towns with a mission to work as a volunteer. Since 2014, he has combined the spiritual life with social activism, constantly traveling to the Donbas to deliver humanitarian aid. His vow is being tested by the reality of the ‘grey zone’.

DOP: Denis Strashny
Sound: Vasyl Yavtushenko, 4 ears studio
Music: Anton Dehtiarov
Animation: Rodion Shub, Ridni animation
Point of contact:
DocPoint Tallinn, 18 Docudays UA

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