The Building (Будинок)

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Germany, Ukraine
German, Russian
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"Say, why are there so many people here?” “Why, to fill the centuries..." (E. Limonov)

In the east of Ukraine lies Derzhprom, the House of State Industry. Built between 1925 and 1928, it was intended to embody the idea of Communism. Although it was a poster child for the avant-garde movement, now it seems almost forgotten. Derzhprom acts as a kind of time machine. Space becomes time here. The Building moves between classic observational documentary and experimental cinema. With very little dialogue, it is rather a poem of moving images. Through the use of mixed materials, including archive footage from the 1920s, it reflects on how the past and the present, movement and time are related to the static nature of architecture.

Script: Tatjana Kononenko
DOP: Matilda Mester, Bruno Derksen
Sound: Tobias Bilz
Music: Felia Gram-Hanssen
DocudaysUA, Ji.hlava IDFF, Artdocfest (Russia), CinéDOC-Tbilisi Documentary Film Festival (Georgia), Cottbus film festival (Germany).

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