Press Accreditation

We invite media representatives to apply for accreditation for the 17th International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA. The festival will take place in Kyiv between 20 and 29 March 2020.

The application is closed.


Accreditation is given only to employees of official media (registered printed media, radio, and television, informational and informational-analytical online publications). The decision about providing accreditation to freelance journalists will be made by the Press Office on the grounds of previous collaboration with the journalist or a review of their publications.


Following the end of the festival each journalist must provide, upon request from the Press Office, web links to their published materials or any other proof that material about the festival has been published.


The Festival Press Office reserves the right to deny accreditation without explaining the reasons for its decision.


About Accreditation


With the PRESS badge, you will be able to get a free ticket to any screening. The tickets can be received the day before or on the day of the screening at the festival ticket offices.

Besides, PRESS badge grants you free entry:

- to all festival events in IZONE,

- to DOCU/CLASS events,

- to the events of the human rights program, VR program and the Living Library.

You need pre-registration or a certain kind of festival registration to participate in some of the events, which is specifically indicated in the program.


For more detailed information about the festival and to arrange interviews, please address:


Maria Matiashova, festival press coordinator

Ksenia Rybak, media partner coordinator:

Iryna Sydorenko, human rights program PR coordinator:


See you at Docudays UA-2020!


April 2021