One more Docudays UA film at Obyrok!

04 July 2014

July 5-6 will be closing days for ART artists’ camp in Obyrok art village. Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival will present there the film from this year's non-competition selection DOCU/ART, Art War.


We remind you that on June 27-29 the KinoSinoVal film festival took place in Obyrok, in the course of which three Docudays UA’s films were screened.


Obyrok gathered artists from Donetsk, Kharkiv, Lviv, Kyiv, Chernihiv, and Crimea, who for two weeks have been creating art objects, watching topical films by young directors, participated in debates and discussions about the ways art could build bridges between fellow citizens. ART battalion’s weapon were not machine guns but art.


On closing days of ART Mobilization a viewer’s choice contest will be held to celebrate best objects of art, as well as master classes touching upon graffiti, painting, design, and during which visitors will be able to master various ways of modifying their environment.


In organizers’ words:


"The key objective of the meeting is creating an ART team able to transform the public space of streets, squares, or even entire villages and city neighborhoods. Street theaters and musicians, graffiti, paintings born there and then. Films projected onto the city walls.


Everyone’s welcome to brainstorm on “Art against the war. Gathering an ART battalion” and discuss the concept of actions to be carried out by a new team and future places for mobilization.


Take your brushes, ideas, and musical instruments.


We guarantee a vibrant picture, unique information, and great vacation. A real celebration of art and labor in picturesque landscapes Polissya.


Let’s transform the country together!"


When: July 5-6 (regardless of the weather)


Where: Obyrok art village in the woods near Baturyn (Chernihiv oblast)


GPS - 51.389084, 32.867489




Accreditation:, 095 790 81 20, Diana

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