Turn on Liquid TV at Daocudays UA

23 March 2014

Until March 27 Liquid Television is turned on in Cenema House’s Hall on the Third Floor from 1 pm till 9 pm.


There are all kinds of TV: digital, analogue, propagandistic, objective… But in any case TV is always liquid.


All in one! It is an endless nesting doll. Television reflects not reality but a copy of reality which it itself creates. My granny has been staying in for a long time now, and her reality is concentrated in the 14-inch TV screen. By choosing and switching TV channels, she models the truth of her world. By navigating from one TV piece to another and trying to avoid ads, she moves in the flow of events that emulate life.


Television loses a storyline. A possibility to switch channels while keeping seat allows viewers to assemble their own audiovisual collage unlike any complete product. Taken out of context, the episodes form a hodge-podge with lots of components that sometimes don’t mix well, but are still swallowed down. Liquid TV is our hodge-podge composed of all kinds of ingredients. It is our dream about television. It is our stuck out tongue. It is a compilation of media abstractions. It is a copy of the world we didn’t invent. It is an array of fragments of life which we will never live but which will live us.


The first volume of Liquid TV was shown in the galleries of Poland, Russia and Azerbaijan. It won awards twice and was booed three times. It gave birth to two more volumes.


At Docudays UA we will present the third volume of Liquid TV. The first two volumes were shown in the galleries of Ukraine, Russia and Poland. The first volume was called the best media art project of the year at the Kyiv festival of video and media art.


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