Meet the Docudays UA-2017 competition program

06 March 2017

The 14th Docudays UA will start on the last week of March. Exclusive documentary premiers, discussions with experts and master classes from the world documentary stars - Docudays UA team is prepairing seven days of unique events and screenings.


The screenings of competition program start on March, 25. What has changed during the year after DOCU/UKRAINE competition was launched, and why these heroes and “realities” remain in frames of the young documentalists - read in our material.


10 films will participate in DOCU/RIGHT and DOCU/LIFE feature length competitions. 16 - in DOCU/SHORT. These programs are traditionaly demonstrated at the Red and Blue halls of the Cinema House and in “Kinopanorama” cinema.


Here is the full program.



"The Return" Zahavi Sanjavi (Sweden)

"The Good Postman" Tonislav Hristov (Finland-Bulgaria)

"Transit Havana" Daniel Abma (The Netherlands)

"When Paul сame over the sea" Jakob Preuss (Germany) 

"Cahier Africain" Heidi Specogna (Germany-Switzerland)

"The Opposition" Hollie Fifer (USA)

"Born to be free" Gayane Petrosyan (UK-Russia)

"Burning out" Jérôme le Maire (Belgium-France-Switzerland)

"Not My Job" Denys Shabaev (Russia)

"See You in Chechnya" Alexander Kvatashidze (Georgia)



"Gogita's new life" Levan Koguashvili (Georgia-Croatia-Ukraine)

"How to meet a mermaid" Coco Schrijber (The Netherlands)

"Let's play war!" Meelis Muhu (Estonia)

"Amazona" Clare Weiskopf (Columbia)

"All This Panic" Jenny Gage (USA)

"Communion" Anna Zamecka (Poland)

"The Road Movie" Dmitrii Kalashnikov (Belarus-Russia-Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina-Croatia)

"Dream Empire" David Borenstein (Denmark)

"The war of chimeras" Anastasiia Starozhytska, Mariia Starozhytska (Ukraine)

"5 October" Martin Kollár (Slovakia and Czech Republic)



"Pulse" Robin Petré (Belgium-Portugal-Hungary)

"The Pit" Anton Yaremchuk, Danila Okulov (Ukraine)

"Altimir" Kathryn Hannahan (USA-Bulgaria)

"Dead ears" Linas Mikuta (Lithuania)

"I'm not from here" Maite Alberdi, Giedrė Žickytė (Lithuania-Chile)

"These Objects, Those Memories" Roger Horn (South Afrika)

"Tarikat" Jasmijn Schrofer (The Netherlands)

"Сellophane" Khukhua Tornike (Georgia)

"My daughter Nora" Jasna Krajinovic (Belgium-France)

"The world we live in Wandering Workers in Germany" Hanna Fischer (Germany)

"Rakijada" Nikola Ilić (Switzerland)

"Corps" Benjamin d'Aoust (Belgium)

"Running in closed room" Mostafa Atashmard (Iran)

"In Another World" Anna Bedynska (Poland)

"Paper Stars" Inna Omelchenko (Russia)

"Intro" Julia Panasenko (Russia)


On photo director Yuriy Shylov on Docudays UA-2016

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