Lukian Galkin

Ukrainian film theorist and film critic, executive producer at UA:Kultura (part of the National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine ). He was a professor of cinema history at the Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema & Television University (2015–2016) and the Salvador Dali Academy of Contemporary Arts (2014–2015), and also taught cinema criticism at the Kharkiv Academy of Visual Arts (2016–2017). Galkin is co-founder of an online journal about cinema Moviegram, and a lecturer at the Kyiv Academy of Media Arts. He has produced the documentaries Kherson Region on the Volcano (2019, by Vladyslav Vasylchenko and Roman Bondarchuk) and Ukraine behind the scenes (in production, by Vladyslav Vasylchenko), he is also a member of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation Board of experts for the Significant Events programme (2020) and the Audiovisual Arts (2021).