Where is the dog buried? (Де собака заритий?)

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Ukrainian, Russian

Anna and Victoria are women from Mykolaiv who are dedicated to protecting animals. And after many years of struggle, they have the opportunity to build a shelter for stray dogs. Breaking free from tragic stories of the past, they are building their new life.

The plot focuses on Mykolaiv animal rights activists. After the brutal murder of over 100 dogs kept at the Center for Animal Protection, animal rights activists, led by the famous athlete Anna Kurkurina, protest by establishing a tent camp. Anna Kurkurina, who defends not only animal rights, but also the rights of LGBT community is the heroine that challenges the role of women in Ukrainian society. The heroine Victoria is building an animal shelter for the third time. The tragedy of her life is the death of her son who died because of the hatred that was coming from their neighbors. The stories of the two women will not only shed light onto the way stray animals are treated in Ukraine but also on the personal inner journeys of the female activists.

DOP: Khrystyna Lisogub
Sound: Natalia Avramenko
Music: Anna Khvyl
Total budget: €64329
Confirmed Financing: €6432
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