Interdisciplinary programme Docudays UA

This year we are launching the DOCU/SYNTHESIS Interdisciplinary Programme which will rethink modernity, the abilities of documentary and gallery space through media art. A photo exhibition Welcome, no Trespassing by Oleksandr Chekmeniov, a project by media artists Photinus Studio, SVITER Art Group, and Ivan Svitlychnyi Well-trodden Connections, and a retrospective of animation by amateur artist Anatoliy Surma Cartoon. Author: Anatolii Surma will take place within the 18th Docudays UA programme.

“With the DOCU/SYNTHESIS programme, we expand the boundaries of perception, proving that not only classical documentaries can analyze and skillfully interpret the world around,” says Roman Bondarchuk, Director of Docudays UA Art Department. “Various media installations, photography, and even amateur 3D cartoons can not only impress but also tell stories full of humor and empathy. About ourselves. Today."


You will be able to see the online exhibitions and the animation retrospective within the programme from 26 March until 23 April on DOCUSPACE, and the offline exhibition Well-trodden Connections will be held from 28 May until 13 June at the Cinema Museum of the Dovzhenko Centre. An important component of the programme will be discussions with artists, art critics and experts who will help us conceptualize the presented artworks and art practices.

We succumb to the intentions of documentary and synthesize a new space for dialogue, research, and technology. “Cinema is, by definition, a field where different media intersect and interact,” says Oleksandra Nabieva, curator of the DOCU/SYNTHESIS programme.“The interdisciplinary programme DOCU/SYNTHESIS is a way to outline the points of these intersections, to understand their relationships and trajectories: from a fixed analog image to a moving digital one, which captures the space and attracts all available channels of perception. On the other hand, the process of expanding this field is ongoing. It is no mean task to keep the artwork in one medium in digital times.”


Well-trodden Connections | Cinema Museum of the Dovzhenko Centre

A multimedia project where Ukrainian media artists Photinus Studio, SVITER Art Group, and Ivan Svitlychnyi will enter into a dialogue with the visionary developments of scientists from the 1960s to the 1980s and popular science film studio "Kyivnaukfilm" which run in the same period. The exhibition will include films by Kyivnaukfilm, which represent the almost 30-year period of the film studio: Eternal Search (1967), Mykola Amosov (1971), Captivate with an unprecedented task (1982). Media artists Photinus Studio, SVITER Art Group, and Ivan Svitlychnyi will create a total multimedia project, a decentralized multiple cyber body. It will continue the search vector of popular science cinema of the ‘60s and ‘80s and conceptualise its means of technical production.


Dates: 28 May – 13 June 

Schedule: Wednesday – Sunday from 12:00 until 7:00 p.m.
Tickets to the exhibition can be purchased at the museum’s ticket desk.

Welcome, No EntryDOCUSPACE 

The exhibition of photographer Oleksandr Chekmeniov will present two series of works created in a closed psychiatric hospital in Ovruch in the late '90s: color series (reportage) and black and white one (staging portraits). The exhibition will question the boundary between pathology and the norm, will show social life and interaction in a psychiatric hospital as a social institution on the one hand, and the coercion and imprisonment of a closed institution on the other.

Watch on DOCUSPACE on 26 March – 4 April.
Free access.

Cartoon. Author: Anatolii Surma | DOCUSPACE

As part of the retrospective Cartoon. Author: Anatolii Surma we will present a selection of modern amateur 3D-animation. We will be looking for terminology and watching animation characters to understand their world and our own. This year, the imagery of Anatoliy Surma is the basis of the festival's visual concept and synthesizes all the components of the 18th Docudays UA.

Watch on DOCUSPACE on 26 March – 4 April.
Free access.

18th Docudays UA is supported by the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the Ukrainian State Film Agency.

28 May – 13 June at the Cinema Museum of the Dovzhenko Centre
25 – 
April 2022