Living Library


The Living Library is an interactive event which gives a human dimension to the idea of diversity. We organize the Living Library and find unique “books” for it to give the “readers” the experience of dialogue and awareness of how the life of a real person who represents a certain vulnerable group in society is different from our ideas about it.


This year, “books” in the Living Library will include different people who have in common stories of overcoming stigma, bias and discrimination associated with their community or status. Each of these stories is an example of how tolerance for diversity is an integral part of a healthy society that is free of stereotypes. The Living Library remains the biggest space in Ukraine for dialogue with groups who suffer from discrimination.


During the Living Library, you will have a chance to hear the story of an openly gay military officer, the father of a transgender teenager, a patrol police officer and a mother of three children. What motivates Ukrainian men to go on paternity leave, and women to become snipers or storm troopers in the ATO/UFO zone? How to get your life together after being released from detention facilities or using drugs? How can someone with an autism spectrum disorder fight for their right for education? How can one overcome stigmatization because of their HIV positive status? And why is disability not an obstacle to participating in major sports? The answers to these and many other complex questions can be found in the stories of the Living Library “books.”


How will the Living Library take place?


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Living Library will work online every day from 27 March until 4 April on Zoom and consist of several “reading” sessions. Each session will last for 40 minutes.


Living Library’s opening hours: 5:00-6:00 p.m., 6:30-7:30 p.m., 8:00-9:00 p.m.


The participation is free of charge.


How is the online Living Library held?

  • Someone who wants to talk to a “living book” fills out a short registration form here. Please choose the sessions you would like to attend in the registration form.
  • The “readers” will get a reminder about a Living Library session a day before the event. A link to the Zoom session will be emailed to the registered “readers” an hour before its beginning.
  • The “reading” will take place in separate Zoom rooms. The “readers” will have a chance to ask the “books” questions using the microphone or chat messages.

During both in-person and online conversations, the “readers” must follow certain rules:

  • Observe your turn during the discussion and allow others to speak.
  • You must return the “book” to the Library in the same mental state.
  • There are no stupid, uncomfortable or thorny questions in the Living Library. There is no room for insults either.
  • We recommend that you talk to a “book” whom you would definitely not meet in your daily life.




The first Human Library was organized in 2000 in Denmark at the Roskilde music festival. The concept was developed by a Danish non-governmental youth organization Stop the Violence. Since then, the idea has become very popular and has been implemented in Ukraine as well.


The Living Library breaks walls between people through communication. Just try it once!


Should you have any questions or suggestions, please email the Living Library coordinator Yevhen Pavliukovsky at [email protected].

 31 — 9 
June 2024