Living Library

Free Entrance

‘Living Library’ is an interactive event that brings the human dimension to the idea of diversity. It creates a safe space for communication between people about their personal experiences of overcoming stereotypes and prejudices. We are waiting for the readers between 22 and 26 March at the second floor of IZONE creative space!


‘Living Library’ Schedule


22 March: 2:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m.

23–26 March: 2:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.


The first ‘Living Library’ (Human library) appeared in 2000 in Denmark at the Roskilde music festival. Its concept was developed by a Danish youth NGO called ‘Stop the Violence’. Since that time, the idea has been introduced in Ukraine and several dozen other countries.


The ‘books’ are people who are stereotyped: representatives of LGBTQ+, feminists and pro-feminist men, vegans, woman working in law enforcement, teenagers who are experienced in project organization, parents who support their lesbian daughter, darker-skinned people or people with disabilities like a blind journalist or an advocate in a wheelchair.


We are organizing a ‘Living Library’ and selecting the most interesting and unique ‘books’ for it, in order to give our ‘readers’ an experience of a lively dialogue, and through this an understanding of how different the life of a person representing this or that social group can be from our stereotypes and prejudices regarding this group.


This will be absolutely free; however, the ‘readers’ have to follow certain rules:

●       you can communicate only with one ‘book’ per visit;

●       it is interesting with the ‘book’ that you like the least;

●       you must return it to the library in the same physical and emotional condition as you found it;

●       in the ‘Living Library’ there are no uncomfortable or sharp questions; nor is there any place for insults – with words or physical force.


‘Living Library’ breaks the walls between people through lively communication. Just give it a try!

March 2020