Film Processing Factory (Цех Обробки Плівки)

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Portrait of the Film Processing Center and of the people who were left in it. A casual time capsule that embodies the history of the Ukrainian film school. Is there hope for deconservation and preservation of memory?

The Film Processing Center is an old and neglected building at Kyiv, Konovaltsia 18, where student films were worked with for half a century.
The FPC has imprinted itself with the spirit of Ukrainian cinema and has retained its unique charm. Once a year, a movie is shown there, but the floor is swept every day.
Films that are extremely important for the Ukrainian film school are stored in the FPC (I.e., student works of Balayan and Ivchenko). Films are covered in dust in the rooms that may soon be demolished.
The only way to save memory is to capture the portrait of the FPC and preserve the student work, as well as not to forget the wonderful people who were also left as part of the same archive.

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