Shut the fuck up! (Закрий рота!)

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#human interest, #human rights, #social issues, #politics
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Ukraine, French
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Serhiy, a shy teenager aged 16, investigates corruption in his small town near Kyiv, until one day, he gets punched by a local council member. Three years later, Serhiy is now 19, and he's going to get his revenge – by running for office against the man who tried to silence him.

Shut the fuck up! is a refreshing documentary about the small "underground Maidans" that have silently irrigated society since the Revolution of Dignity. In 2014, Serhiy was still just a child. At the age of 16, he was outraged when he discovered the scope of corruption in his small town of Hatne in the outskirts of Kyiv. As a teenager, he became a whistleblower. A Ukrainian Gretha Thunberg, Serhiy engages the fight and gets physically assaulted; the assault was met with total impunity. Aged 18, he becomes an assistant to Yevgeniya Zakrevskaya, a lawyer of the victims of Maidan, at a time when too many civil activists are subjected to violence. One day, pushed by conscious citizens, Serhiy decides to go into politics.

Directing: Taisiia Kutuzova
Сo-production: Stephane Siohan, Stephane Siohan (France)
Script: Taisiia Kutuzova
Co-production: East Roads Films
Total budget: €94000
Confirmed Financing: €15000
Already engaged financial partners and funds: British Coucil in Ukraine, USAID, goEast Wiesbaden
Point of contact:
Docudays UA industry platform 2019 & 2020, Eurasia.DOC 2020 (Russia), Development award winner - goEast Wiesbaden 2020 (Germany), Baltic Sea Forum 2020 (Latvia)

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