Oleg Chornyi

State Institute of Theatre and cinema
Oleg was born in 1963. He graduated from the Film Directing Department of the State Institute of Theatre and Cinema in 1985. He worked at the Olexandr Dovzhenko State Film Studio in Kyiv, at various public and private film and video studios.

Oleg shot a number of feature shorts, documentaries, environmental and promo films, as well as music videos. He is a member of the Ukrainian Filmmakers Union and the Ukrainian Film Academy.

His short feature films, short and feature-length documentaries, art videos participated in the programs of Ukrainian and international festivals and exhibitions:
1990 – From Comrade Gruzilov’s Remarkable Life, awarded at the Molodist-90 IFF;
1991 – The Frenzy;
1995 – Green Grey: New Youth of the New Europe, short documentary;
1993 – Sakura has faded in my garden, you are passing me by again…, awarded at the Potsdam IFF (Germany, 1995);
2001 – Painting, short documentary;
2012 – Mission: Freedom, feature-length documentary;
2014 – Hollywood on Dnipro: Dreams from the Atlantis, feature-length documentary; Kyiv City Art Award (2016);
2016 – Rain Project, short documentary; Golden Award at the Spotlight Documentary Film Awards (Atlanta, USA, 2017); 3rd place in the documentary short film competition at the Dream City International Film Festival (Rivne, Ukraine, 2017);
2017 – From Babi Yar to Freedom, feature-length documentary;
2019 – The Tree, short documentary; nominated for the FOCAL International Awards 2020, London, UK.
The Tree (2019, director)

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