Halyna Bakhmatova

Scientific director of cultural and educational city public organization “Avangard – Center” (Kherson). Vice President, Chief Executive, manager of leading programs and projects of Kherson regional organization of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine (KRO CVU). Associate Professor of the world literature and culture chair at the Kherson State University, candidate of philology. Correspondent of newspaper “Free Choice” and online edition “Political Kherson Region”. Organizer and participant of various programs on human rights, gender, corruption, monitoring elections, local government and others. Organiser and trainer of workshops for volunteers, community activists, deputies, independent observers, members of election committies. Organized two international conferences and festivals for avant-garde art in Kherson. In 1981, graduated from the Kherson State Pedagogical Institute, philology faculty. In 1981, made postgraduate studies at the Kyiv State Pedagogical University.