Miroslav Janek

Miroslav Janek was born in Nachod in 1954. From a young age he devoted himself to amateur film and he shot several films as a self-taught filmmaker. In 1979, he emigrated to Germany and later went to the USA, where he primarily made a name for himself as an editor. His most important work was probably his collaboration with director Godfrey Reggio on the internationally acclaimed compilation films Powaqqatsi (1988), Anima Mundi (1992) and Naqoyqatsi (2002). Since returning to the Czech Republic in 1993, he has devoted himself as a cameraman and director to his own documentaries. His film about blind children with a camera The Unseen (Nespatrene – 1996) has won the most accolades, both at home and abroad. In recent times, his documentary films Kha-chee-pae (Chacipe) and Vierka or the Mystery of Family B’s Disappearance (both made in 2005) have won prizes at several festivals.